Candidate for the position of Political Economy - 2nd Year BA/BSc Political Economy Representative (Home/EU Student)

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Arina Kurdova

Vote for me, for better PE!

Hello, PEople!

I am Arina. If you do not know me already, debating is one of my favourite hobbies, so I will not be afraid to argue on your behalf and always defend your interests, whatever they might be!

Related experience: 

  • President of Student Council in my School, 2014-2016
  • Vice-President of the Student Council of the capital of Bulgaria, 2014-2015

What will I do?

  • Who wants to have BSc written on their transcripts when applying to internships?
  • More destinations for Study Abroad, I heard some people wanted to go to U.S.A.?
  • More wine (non-wine) receptions and socials? OF COURSE.
  • More choice of modules from other departments.

Vote for me, for better PE!