Candidate for the position of A&H Modern Language Centre - Undergraduate Representative

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A sharing community

My name is Yun Bo Mi, Sarah for short. I would like to nominate myself to be Student Rep for the MLC because I believe I have a few ideas which could benefit all students studying with the MLC. I would like to establish a community of languages. A community where sharing is the main focus point. 

Firstly, I understand that there is already a program where native speakers (let's call this person a tutor for now) meet with students to practice speaking, but I believe that there should be some way to incentivise the 'tutor' so that more tutors will become available and the culture of sharing each other's languages will grow. The incentive could be in terms of extra practising time when the tutor would like to practise their language of choice, other incentives could be discussed within the department.

Secondly, having to constantly buy new textbooks has always been a pain to us students. Which is why I think it's time for someone to set up a sharing community where books from previous years will be organised to be sold or passed down to the following year group so this becomes a win-win situation. In the future maybe the department could even contribute textbooks and pass down to the each group, this would be most efficient. 

All in all, I will do my best to help everyone, listen to your ideas, consolidate them and make sure any comments or concerns will be delivered to the department for actions to be taken.