Candidate for the position of Political Economy - 1st Year BA/BSc Politics Representative (Home/EU Student)

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Let me "B" your voice in the Department of Political Economy!

Hey everyone! I am Naz Birdal and I want to be your Student Representative for Politics BA/BSc.

I believe I am the perfect match for this position because I am an extremely organized person, and I love to communicate with my coursemates; some of you may have noticed that I was working to bring together a Politics course group chat all summer. When I am given a task, you can be sure that I will get to it straight away- I will always be available to listen to you in person or on all social media for any wishes or complaints that you may have.  

On top of my personality, I have unique experiences that make me the most suited candidate for a Student Rep. I completed one year of studying PPE at the University of Warwick last year, then re-applied to come to KCL as it has always been my dream school. In that year I gained invaluable experience as I closely observed how the SSLC worked. The SSLC was able to make massive improvements to our department, such as bringing free Financial Times subscriptions to all students in the department. I know that if the right person with the right motivation is put in this position, the student body can achieve amazing things- and I want to be this person for all of you!

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