Candidate for the position of Student Trustee

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Promoting the benefit of Healthy Communication & Tenacious Relationships, I'll stand on the board of Student Trustees as a reliable, creative and enthusiastic representative, looking to stimulate your well-being throughout our time at King's!

What’s the most important skill to use in today’s lively and active society? Communication - a lasting impression and memorable introduction can go a long way to secure invaluable partnerships, funding, and support from both organisations and individuals across all different types of backgrounds. I strongly believe it is important to elect a body of trustees who can present and communicate confidently, as well as communicate between one-another, ensuring that every task is completed to a competent and valuable standard. 

By serving the KCLSU as a trustee, I would relish the opportunity to serve you, part of the King's Community, ensuring every part of your experience here is a positive one. Everyone has a voice, and I'll certainly be encouraging people to use that voice to help me make the best, most informed decisions, concerning you. I'm best described as a troubleshooter, not in a pessimistic sense, but rather, I have a reluctance to become excited about a particular prospect until I have assessed the viability of it - something has to meet my criteria of sustainability and be logistical. This is something I feel a successful trustee board needs - to see the wider picture, something which I hope you'll agree, is vital to represent the King's community as a whole. In terms of presentation and engagement, this is something I delight in, being a district public debate champion as well as participating in numerous theatre work, improving my ability to communicate my ideas and suggestions to others, while being able to stand up and speak unfazed by nerves or pressure. I can guarantee that any projects that need to be presented, ideas to be communicated, or groups that need to be persuaded or enthused, I can certainly help to push forward.

Why should you choose me? What makes me stand out? Why am I asking rhetoical questions? Let me break down my Plan of Action into some No-Nonsense objectives: 

  • King's! - It is a priviledge for me to be at this instituion, and I'm thrilled to have so many opportunities, both from studying at King's and also from living in London available to me. I truly want the best for you too, and hopefully to enable you to have the best experience and remind you why choosing to study at King's was such a great choice. My passion for creating a vibrant, opportunist, and all-welcoming KCLSU will certianly be top of my priorities if elected as a Student Trustee. We should have a SU that we're all proud to be members of, so together let's make sure we've got the sustainable, ethical, and financial plans in place to maintain the union for both the present and the future! 


  • Creativity - I can bring a fresh outlook to the board of Student Trustees, being a first year student, I believe a lot of new and exciting ideas would go a long way in helping both the financial and also the social development of the KCLSU. If I feel something needs changing, I'm not afraid to make my views and opinions known, challenging anything that needs improvement - if you know of something that is inefficient, whether it be the running of Open Days, the performance of staff, the opening hours of a Student Bar or Cafe, or even just the type of events that are being hosted by the SU, then speak up and let me know - together we can work out a solution. It is my mission to make the KCLSU as accessible as possible, for all our students!


  • Leadership - Taking control of difficult decisions and situations requires a strong stomach, and I believe I have the necessary leadership and collectiveness to make correct, well-informed, steady decisions. If I need advice from the community I'll have no hesistation to ask for it - if you want to offer your advice or views or recomendations at any time, don't be afraid to share it with me. Personally, part of being a leader is to have the skills to take criticism on board as a positive platform for improvement, and to listen and engage with any concerns or problems that my position may cause or present. This reiterates my clear emphasis on active engagement in the KCLSU for all.


  • Satisfaction - Your satisfaction is key. I'm a borderline perfectionist, meaning I will go the extra mile and put in (sometimes unnecessary) extra effort to make sure my work is completed to the highest level. Whether that be in engagement in networking, gaining funding for the union, attending meetings and debating issues that will directly and indirectly affect us as students, or making tough decisions about either financial, ethical or performance-related issues - I will work exceptionally hard to do the best thing for us as a community here at King's.


  • - If you haven't noticed already, these action points spell out 'KCLSU' - full marks for observation if you've spotted the cliche acronym. But the real focus is on 'U', and how well you notice and observe life at King's - if you need to make a suggestion, or raise a complaint, or present an idea - whatever it may be, I'm a friendly and enthusiastic face that will always be happy to hear your thoughts and feedback about KCLSU, the Student Trustee board, or anything more generally about life at King's. At the end of the day, my mission is to represent you, and I'll do everything I can to make the link between us & the trustee board as healthy as possible.

Previous lines of work include: Customer Service Manager of Papa John's Pizza for 3 different branches (including Barnet, North London), a job requiring me to deal with sensitive customer issues and complaints, negotiating suitable and appropriate solutions, and resolving issues in a calm and mature manner. An added perk of electing me to the board is of course, a background in pizza, so of course, I'll be an advocate of free pizza at meetings and socials wherever possible! A more recent role is at a Holiday Insurance Firm, as a Travel Insurance Consultant, again dealing with customers and sensitive medical declarations - my love of English, general excitable enthusiasm, and passion for puns, all enable me to hold great conversations and build up rapport very quickly. This is what I believe is key to being succesful on the trustee body, and I'd be a real advocate of the HR subcommittee too, working towards the end goal of making KCLSU the most caring and settling organisation it can be. With a keen interest in marketing and advertising, I also believe I would benefit the Performance subcommittee, bringing fresh ideas to the organisation of events at King's, and ensuring their smooth running and meticulous planning. 

With all of this in mind, just remember - I'm young, new, and trying to make a difference to life at King's. By helping me to get elected as a Student Trustee, I'll make sure you feel the rewards pumped back into life at King's - you're helping yourself in the long run, as we both work towards a happier, healthier King's, together! If there's anything you need, any questions or worries you might have, then approach me and ASK! Or alternatively, send me an email: - I'd love to hear from you!

If you would like to see me elected to the board of Student Trustees, helping our funding go further, and ultimately boosting and shaping our place within the community where we study and socialise, then please consider voting for me. I'd like to personally thank you for taking the time to read this manifesto (is it really called that?), and I hope it has given you an insight into who I am, and how I aim to achieve the best for you. On a final note, I have prior experience as the chair of the Napkin Manufactuer's Committee - the serviette union...

Thank you for your time, watch this space!