Candidate for the position of Bioscience - Pharmacy First Year Representative

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Dina Yousif

I am a Year One Pharmacy student who prides myself on being approachable. This, combined with a genuine interest in talking and listening to other people, will ensure every student's voice is heard.

As your representative I will:

1) Actively engage with each of you; ensuring any issues that need addressing are brought forward to the relevant people.

2) Aim to strengthen the bond between KCL and its students to make sure that everyone is happy and comfortable in the environment they are studying in. I am a confident speaker and look forward to an opportunity of using this skill to express my views and the views of others, to better our student community. Currently having a job at Boots Pharmacy has made me more knowledgeable on what the role of a Pharmacist entails and has helped to develop my communication skills which will become invaluable for a role like this one.

3) Organise group revision sessions and classes to benefit the group as a whole and solve any problems people are having.

I know that being a First Year Representative isn’t a role to be taken lightly; it will require much time investment and responsibility. However, with my skill set and my ability to listen and communicate clearly, I would be a valuable and effective member of the team.

Thank you for your time in reading my application.