Candidate for the position of MSA - Stage 2 Year 2 St Thomas' Representative



If you’d like to have a say – VOTE SHREYA TODAY!


Shreya Jauhari: TAKE 2!

Having the privilege of being your year 1 MA rep last year has taught me a lot when it comes to how everything works behind the scenes at KCL. 

This year having worked with the amazing MSA committee, being a keen member of the SSLC, Stage 2 development meetings with Professor Valerie Wass and being a Stage 2 block lead helping to develop the Year 3 course I have gained a real insight into our new curriculum. My last year's hands on experience as a MSA Rep will give me an edge when representing you.

I know a major concern is our new Stage 2 course so I’d love to be able to represent you and ensure this year runs smoothly. With the timetable only made until November, this will provide us with a tremendous influence and scope to tailor the course to our needs.


I would feel honoured to be your voice in making this happen! Here are a few things I hope to tackle as your year 2 rep:

1. New Curriculum and Placements:

  • My aim will be to ensure all students receive excellent quality clinical training and campaign for a greater reimbursement for travel expense to and from placements
  • I want to work with KCL to try and introduce more support for students and look into GP placement distribution
  • More organised placements so that doctors and students are better informed about what is expected from them and the goals they are meant to achieve
  • More reliable lecture capture
  • Trying to have e-learning and lecture slides up much in advance
  • More guidance regarding Portfolio entries 

2. Better Communication and Support:

  • More transparency between faculty and students
  • Make sure that we receive information early, giving us more time to make better informed choices (OSCEs, intercalations, clinics..!!)
  • Creating a group for all of us in St Thomas' to make it easier to communicate with not only the reps and block leads, but also people in different blocks to get tips and support for when we all rotate
  • More support regarding research opportunities 

3. More fun socials:

  • Socials with other years, other societies and other London universities because freshers aren’t the only ones that should have all the fun


I strive to make sure everyone in MBBS2 has the best experience this year! I will work non-stop to ensure all of your feedback and concerns are acted on.

So, if you’d like to have a say – VOTE SHREYA TODAY!

Vote at:

Feel free to message me anytime on facebook or email me on if you have any questions or concerns about Stage 2.