Candidate for the position of KCLSU Hall Leader - Champion Hill Residence

Declan McLoughlin

Championing your residence!

Hi, I’m Declan

I’m a first year Philosophy student from Boston, Lincolnshire and I’m running to be Champion Hill’s KCLSU Halls Leader.

Champion Hill is already an incredible residence, with a lively community and high quality facilities – but the best don’t stay that way by being complacent – elect me as leader and I’ll bring the drive keep pushing Champion Hill further and further in the direction that you – the residents– want it to go. Starting with:

  • Fighting for lower laundry prices – so many people have complained about this, and understandably – the prices are absurd and if elected my first priority will to either secure subsidies from the College, find an alternative provider or set up our own laundromat if we have to.
  • Honest, open and consultative leadership – At the end of the day I’m here to represent you and act on your behalf, I can’t do that without listening to you. If elected I will host weekly office hours akin to academic staff allowing for anyone and everyone to voice their concerns. Outside of these hours I also guarantee to make time for residents whenever the need arises. Champion Hill will be my priority.
  • Properly equipped kitchens – Everyone was a bit annoyed to find out we didn’t get toasters or kettles when we arrived this year – and then there are some kitchens that don’t even have a table. While I can’t ensure that the residence will supply them for this year (as so many people have already gone out and bought them it’d be pointless) I’ll campaign to ensure that next years freshers are equipped with them as they should be – and I will guarantee that every kitchen will have a proper dining table to eat at by Christmas.

So, cast your vote for me – let me champion your home for the year and help to mould it the way you want it to, and if for some reason you’re still not convinced – feel free to add me on facebook and throw questions my way