Candidate for the position of Bioscience - Biomedical Sciences First Year Representative



Translating students' voice into positive action!

Lorena Brasnic for Biomedical Sciences First Year Representative

I am a first year Biomedical Sciences student, who like yourself, is trying to navigate these exciting and scary first weeks at King's College London. 
Fascinated by science, I hope to pursue a career in scientific research while also achieving my aspirations towards working as a doctor in a healthcare industry.
Besides science and medicine, I am also truly passionate about diplomacy and leadership, especially when it comes to raising awareness and delivering solutions to issues concerning youth and education.
  • I'm an experienced student council leader who is determined to create an intensive learning environment through employment of compelling learning and internship opportunities 
  • My excellent organizational and communicational skills would encourage both science and non-science students to get involved and participate in different projects and societies in order to fulfil the extracurricular education at university
  • By listening to students' needs and wants and collaborating with the staff I would create the foundation for our future endeavours towards serving the community and excelling in our careers 
  • I believe in community building!!! - I strongly believe in the potential that our generation carries as well as the history it is going to write. Team work and collaboration will be a core principle throughout my mandate, as we look to further the success of our course
  • Further integration of 'mentor-mentee scheme' as well as regular review sessions are one of the top priorities on my list regarding academic enhancement
  • I am aiming to create a platform for all students and staff which would serve as a starting point in not just raising concerns about certain issues, but also translating students' voice into positive action
With your support, I would work tirelessly to advance the needs of you, the students. Let us work together to better our King's experience!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email: or on facebook. 

Thank you!