Candidate for the position of A&H Classics - SSLC Student Chair Undergraduate



Clarity through Communication

I am delighted to apply for the position of SSLC Student Chair as I feel that it is an important position with a good deal of scope for effecting positive developments amongst the community of staff and students within Classics.

As a post-graduate student originally from the US, I did not complete my undergraduate studies at King's, nor at a university in the British system (although I did complete a PGCE at Kingston University, but that was a vastly different program from a MA). I know that there are a number of students in the graduate program who are in a similar situation, whether having completed undergraduate studies in a different country, or perhaps just at a different university within the UK. That being said, I have personally found that these first couple of weeks at King's have been somewhat stressful and certainly perplexing in various aspects, especially as a student within an intercollegiate programme.  From the instructors' and organisers' views, I am sure that the systems seem self-explanatory and straightforward, but they are operating from a sphere of close familiarity with King's systems and British higher education systems in general, so unfortunately I have not found the processes to be as smooth as was surely intended. As the SSLC Student Chair, I would ensure that expectations are communicated clearly to students in a way which does not presuppose familiarity with King's systems and processes.  

As mentioned previously, I completed a PGCE in Languages in the UK and have been a teacher at a mixed state comprehensive secondary school in London for seven years. During this time, I have had the opportunity to develop secure organisational skills, a wide range of problem-solving methods, confidence within a group setting (both as leader and participant), a facility for interacting with diverse groups of people with differing cultures and experiences, and clear communication strategies viable for a variety of age groups (11-18, other adults within the school), backgrounds (over 70 home language were spoken within the school), and levels of English (EAL stage 0 through to native English speakers),  Therefore, I feel that I am well-equipped granted my experience and skill set to support my fellow postgraduate students in navigating our shared experience as Classics postgraduate students. 

On the academic side, I am thrilled to be at a university with as wide a range of modules available for Classics as King's. Although I have mentioned concerns with processes associated with the intercollegiate aspect of the course, I feel that it is essential to mention the excellent academic provision afforded by the connections between King's, UCL, RHUL and the ICS. My modules include one provided by UCL, and of course the core course with its hub through RHUL, and I am planning to take advantage of the PGWIP, departmental seminars provided by King's, weekly lectures in the series organised by the ICS, events sponsored by the Roman Society, the Careers & Employability events facilitated by the Faculty of Arts & Humanities, and whatever else I can access to enrich my MA experience. As I will be participating in a range of activities, as representative I would be a good point of contact for other students also interested in expanding their academic activities. 

To summarise, I am qualified for the role as SSCL Student Chair as I have skills in:

1. Organisation

2. Problem-solving

3. Group management/participation

4. Interpersonal relations 

5. Communication

My main goal as student chair is to promote clarity in communication between professors, administrators, and students.  Given my background and plans for wide participation within the MA programme. I hope that you will feel confident in electing me as SSLC Student Chair.