Candidate for the position of A&H Digital Humanities - Postgraduate Taught - Digital Culture and Society Representative



For Diversity, Transparency, and Partnership, vote for Yuki and Leo!


Yuki and I are running a joint campaign, and as student representatives, we will advocate for: 


-DIVERSITY: Serve as cultural, academic, and professional ambassadors to our student body. 

  • Given our diverse background, Yuki and I will promote the personal, academic, and professional needs of our students. 

-TRANSPARENCY: Increase engagement and transparency between students and departmental staff. 

  • We will develop easy and convenient manners for you to share your thoughts and ideas with the deparment.

-PARTNERSHIP: Encourage partnership and collaboration between departments and programs. 

  • The strenght of our program lies in its multi-disciplinary nature, therefore we will promote communication and collaboration amongst members from different departments.


About me: 

Hi, my name is Leo! I am an avid photographer, musician, and lover of all things food-related! Despite being born in Brazil to a family of Italian immigrants, I spent most of my life in Shanghai, China. After graduating college with a B.F.A. in Sound Design, I spent two years in California working at Sony Interactive Entertainment designing and implementing sound effects for theirs PS4 games. 

There are two student representative positions available, so please remember to vote for my running partner, YUKI!