Candidate for the position of Bioscience - Biomedical Sciences First Year Representative



I want to contribute- YOUR thoughts to influence OUR decisions. My honest, hardworking and confident nature will get your opinion and problems in front of everyone.

                                                                                                         What is my Motivation?

I am a international student , this makes me left with a group of lovely people who communicate and look quite different than me and it has made me quite receptive of even the slightest things. I love to meet new people ,and help being a source of their lovely thoughts to some one who could reflect on them , I was my school's class representative and know exactly what the job aims and wants you to do, as I was elected twice in a row before joining you all , I will listen to all your ideas and will put them out there. Me and my opinions won't help, when i am representing a class of diverse and extremely talented group of my friends, but my confidence in talking to our seniors about our problems will surely do.

                                                                                                      HOW AM I DIFFERENT?

Well I never had the best school life and faced a lot of criticism, a subtle term here, from my peers on my different attitude towards a lot of things, and grew very distant to my classmates when I was younger, that feeling was very nasty and I don't ever want anyone to keep sitting quietly in a corner, and waiting for the lecture or a tutorial to get over. My  bubbly nature and enthusiasm will never make you feel alone here, I can make new friends easily. I do have other qualities but this one quality of not being judgemental and having space in you head for opinions you don't agree with is the only and most essential quality a academic representative should have. I will never leave someone unanswered, and will deliver you the best results.

                                                            How i can prove that i am focused and serious towards my leadership roles.

These qualities are just a representation of my focused approach through out my school life.
1. I Started the help aid club in school, for teaching general first aid to 10-12 year old, which now has become the most funded club in my school
2. I have gotten excellence in academics awards twice, nearly a lot of people get it in India , trust me.
3. I was the state champion and school captain for Lawn Tennis, only because the girl who played better than me wanted school to be a resting place for her so that she could warm up for her 10 hour fitness and training session after school, while i stayed back home after school and watched TV. I won the country zonal gold(once) and the best tennis player from school twice, and they never got my name right.
4. I was a class representative twice for years '15 and '16.

5. I have done a course in advance concepts of infection and immunity in clinical practice in india, from king's itself.