Candidate for the position of Union Development Sustainability Committee



Together, We will think out loud!

Hey, everyone, My name is Antra and I'm a first-year undergraduate digital culture student. I'm standing for a position in the Union Development Ethics committee. 
A little about me - I'm an approachable person who loves to talk and can connect with people easily. I have prior leadership and community volunteering experience which has equipped me with negotiation skills and a close insight about ethical issues.
There is a huge advantage of me being a first-year International student as I can bring in a Fresh perspective into the working of the committee. 
I pledge to stand up for what is right and support the endeavors of those who wish to make the atmosphere of the university more Righteous.
My aim for the year-
1) To wholeheartedly support the development of the university's ethical environment.
2) To increase communication between the students and the committee to ensure the transfer of information from the committee to the students and to receive valuable suggestions and feedback from the students.
3) To help create a congenial atmosphere for all different groups of students and safeguard their interests. 
4) To commit to earnestly work on initiatives and ideas which will make our union more ethical.
If you have any questions, Please feel free to contact me -
Email -
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I hope you find my candidacy suitable and vote for me :)