Candidate for the position of Engineering - Electronic Engineering - Year 1 SSLC Representative


Hello my name is Sergey and I am running to be an academic representative of the students on the Electronic Engineering programme.

In my final years of senior school I was involved in a personal project with a friend of mine. We were hired as agents by an Italian distributer and manufacturer of organic produce (GFC s.r.l.). Our roles were multifaceted and we would get paid a percentage from the profit that we have earned by selling the goods produced and/or distributed by the firm. Moreover, we have spearheaded another venture, we worked with a Russian reseller (MMA Imperia ltd) who was back then looking for a supplier but so far struggled to receive an acceptable pecuniary quote. We were middle men, it was our job to find a supplier, connect him to the reseller and thereafter we would receive a percentage from the net profit acquired by the reseller from that deal for a certain time period. Needless to say, these opportunities weren't hard earned, we were only 17, they came to us via my friend's father. While my friend was fine working with his father, I wasn't, I wanted something of my own. After 1.5 years, I left and started a project of my own. I had continued working on my personal project for roughly 1 year. 

My past expiriences and the skills acquired during those expiriences lead me to believe that I will be able to fulfill the role of the academic representative. I am very demanding when it comes to education and believe that it is imparative to get the most out of one's degree. Apart from receiving a formal education at King's I would also like to make sure that the education acquired gives KCL students a greater competitive advantage when it comes to attaining internships and/or employement. Becoming an academic representative will give me a chance to attempt to improve the quality of education that people on my ourse will recieve.



(tl;dr) IN SHORT: vote for me, Ill make things nice.