Candidate for the position of Student Trustee



Vote E.T for Student Trustee!

Hi, my name is Elisa Tobelem and I’m running to become a Student Trustee. I’m a 1st year undergraduate student in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Having just started at King’s, I would like to get as involved as possible in life at King’s and make an important contribution to both the university and its students.

My Experience and skills:

·       My internship in a Chinese venture capital firm where I had to determine how to invest large sums of money, developed my understanding of the importance of risk assessment in making decisions.

·       My work experience in a political think tank based in London helped me develop my research skills.

·       I recently worked on a charity project in my community, from which I gained improved communication & public speaking skills, and helped to raise £65 thousand.

·       I was Charity Representative for two years in high school, where fellow students and I decided which charities the school’s money should be distributed to.

·       Duke of Edinburgh award improved my ability to better work as part of a team and find solutions to unexpected issues.

As a Student Trustee I hope to:

1.       Bring impartiality and objectivity to the decision-making process and ensure that decisions made are in the best interest of the student body.

2.       Listen and respond to the wishes of the students 

3.       As a former drama student, I also hope to bring creativity to the solution-devising process and make sure that I am considerate & attentive to the ideas of others around me.

4.        As transparency is essential in such a role, I will do my part to ensure that students are aware of decisions being made and how this may impact them.

5.       Use my skills of risk assessment to guarantee that all decisions are carefully deliberated and appropriate, in terms of both their legal and moral standing.

My experience has helped me become a responsible, organised and open person & if you vote for me, I will be dedicated to representing you.