Candidate for the position of Disabled Students Association Committee - Disability History Month Rep


Lets do it!

I’m Shakira Dyer, I’m visually impaired and I’m running for Disability History Month Representative at King’s.

Despite this being its eighth year of existence, I didn’t even know about UK Disability History Month until I was told about it by a friend last year. Yet it immediately seemed like a fantastic idea to me. 

It remembers and celebrates the achievements of people with disabilities from all backgrounds, exploring how we have fought for rights throughout history right up to the present, and how, through a certain aspect such as language or arts, attitudes to disability can be changed. 

 Running from 22 November to 22 December, every Disability History Month has a theme- and this year the theme is art!

If you vote for me, I will:

Promote (fun!) research about people and organisations in the disability arts movement from and before 1980 up to today, which used art to express political issues and to educate the public about disability.


Help set up a website which will function as an online showcase for King’s disabled students to show their artworks (drawings, paintings, poetry, stories, music, videos – or something else!) that reflects opinions and issues they want to address.


Try to organise at least one event that we could go to- such as the History of Disability and Art Conference on 21st October 2017 – with key members of the 1980s Disability Art Movement such as Tony Heaton and Tanya Raabe Weber as speakers. More info here:


I will work with the Disabled Student’s Officer and everyone in the Disability Committee to launch something awesome!