Candidate for the position of A&H Liberal Arts - 1st Year Representative


You are the thoughts, I am the voice.

Hello everyone, I am writing this to tell you that I want to be your student rep this year.

To me it is an important job since I will be your voice and your confessional for any issues with class or other. I will work hard to make sure you won't have any problem in your mind that could not be fixed. We all know that Liberal Arts is the best class (since we are all able to work in 5 different départements of Kings which is heroic and unique ) but we also know that LA is the hardest in terms of adaptation and integration. That is why I will make sure that everyone feels good where he is and to do that you will be free to send me any message or we could have a monthly appointment in the common room to debrief !

Those are words I know but maybe if I tell you what motivates me to have this responsability so much you will get it. Three years ago I got into a school where people knew themselves for 10 years. It was really hard for me to make friends as they alrealdy all had group so I decided to become a student rep because I thought that if people would realize that I am someone you can trust and who will fight for you, they would like me ! And it worked! That's why this year I want to be a Student rep for the Fourth time, but this time by dealing with adults issues, adults ideas... I will work harder, listen harder, and we'll share more, laugh more, and party more ! Thank you ! Vote for me! iris.