Candidate for the position of IoPPN - MSc Genes, Environment & Development in Psychology & Psychiatry (GED PP) Student Representative



Do you want your voice to be heard and help further improve this course for the years to come? If yes, then vote for me!

I am nominating myself as student representative of the MSc GED PP course to ensure that our voice is heard. From my experience so far I believe this course is incredibly feedback oriented which has provided the motivation to get involved and use the opportunity we have to make a difference! 

I have gained a lot of experience of this kind as I was student representative during my undergraduate course. During this I was able to engage with many other peers on their ideas on what could be improved and what was working very well and should continue on the course. 

I believe I have good interpersonal skills, I am approachable and reachable via phone, email and most forms of social media but more importantly I definitely ensure that all points raised WILL be passed on to the programme team or relevant individuals. I do not shy away from addressing problems that have been raised or reiterating the success of certain procedures so that we, as students, do our part and have our say to ensure the course is run as efficiently as possible!

Furthermore I WILL ensure that all relevant but also interesting information such as funding opportunities, ongoing seminars etc. that I gain from the staff here at the SGDP (which is usually quite difficult to navigate online) will be passed on via WhatsApp, our Facebook group page and/or in person.

If you believe that I am the right candidate for you, then please vote for me!