Candidate for the position of MSA - Stage 1 MC Representative



You are not alone: Working together better.

About me

Hello from me, Ryan Jayesinghe; a first-year medical student who has so far managed to turn up for my lectures, student loan fairly intact....he says, and has loved meeting some great people as I discover the world of GKT and KCL.  So far, no regrets, and enjoying the adventure!

Why Medicine and Why an Academic Rep? 

Two months before my GCSE exams, I was diagnosed with a nasal tumour; it was a really challenging time with surgery and post op treatment. Everyone said they were amazed by how calm I stayed throughout the months that followed and that I showed much courage. To me, it was about: thinking how to support everyone else along and doing my best to find the positives in the toughest of times.

Relating to what Dr Lancaster said in this introductory speech, I firmly believe that communicating clearly and sensitively is vital in Medicine as well as in life. Standing up for fairness, and opportunity for even the quietest of voices is key.

I have a reputation for being a conscientious, organised, and bringing people together. I am a self-starter who is comfortable working in team environments or being asked to take the lead. I learn quickly; I am adaptable, and hard working. I am motivated by knowing I’ve made a difference, and doing so without compromising integrity.

I am really excited by the idea of becoming a Student Rep! 


  • To make a difference to our course and my peers in the ways that are most important to us, so that our academic experience is the best it can be.
  • To be your voice and link to the University and KCLSU so that we are able to build stronger relationships.
  • Be an objective listener who encourages my peers’ participation in giving feedback and representing your opinions and views with University staff and KCLSU.
  • Bring our new ideas to decision makers so that together we can support course development that makes the content and learning methods even better for us and the students of tomorrow.
  • Make your time at KCL valuable, less stressful, and something you have great memories of when you look back in the years to come.
  • Be an ambassador not only for our course and year group, but for the University and Students' Union.