Candidate for the position of KCLSU Hall Leader - Stamford Street Apartments

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Alin-Claudiu Luca


Seek something better


Stamford Street Apartments can house 550 students. These are 550 voices that need to be heard, 550 individuals with unique characteristics, but one common goal. Greatness.


As a Studen Hall Leader, I will make my purpose to help everyone achieve greatness!
Be there when someone is in need!
Make sure every necessity is provided!


But let's not forget that SSA is going to be our home for the next year.
Home means comfort, relaxation, a sense of security.
And together we will provide all of these. 


In the first week, I worked as a Welcome Ambassador for SSA, in that week not only that I've met amazing people from all over the world, but also got myself around the residence.
Equally important, I befriended the SSA staff, the Wardens, the RAs and the manager. 

With their help, I am more than sure that we can create a strong & powerful community.

A vote for Alin-Claudiu Luca means a vote for the SSA community!