Candidate for the position of A&H Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies - SSLC Chair



SPLAS- Yes We Can!

Hey everyone! Now before I plunge into talking about why I'm the most suitable candidate for this position, I'd just like to highlight the fact that we're all here to make SPLAS the most exciting department. If I win this position, I promise to put in all of my effort to make all of you feel at home. I'm a person who strongly believes in diversity, my Indian heritage and my Spanish nationality have fostered the  communication skills I now have. 


Participating in teamwork and being the captain of the debating team of my school during an international competition, allowed to me to present my views and opinions and those of my fellow teammates in a logical, persuasive and pragmatic way. These skills, along with your support will help me be the voice of our department; not only reporting complaints to our department heads, but rather "thinking outside the box" and coming up with fun, innovative and new ideas to make this department our new home. One of my aims is to make all of the new members of this department feel welcomed along with bringing exclusive and intriguing ideas to this department and organizing numerous events in order to become one big-new family. I'm generally a very social and bubbly person, therefore I hope it will be very easy for all of you to converse with me and tell me if anything is wrong at any point of the day or year. At the end of the day, I'm all about having fun and spreading positivity in other people's lives as much as I can!