Candidate for the position of A&H History - 1st Year History Undergraduate Representative

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History: a fairer year ahead with Jake.

I am voted for by you, for you. Therefore, you will have the final say on any decisions. I am not going to write an essay because you are all going to be tired of essays by the time this year is over. Therefore, I am going to sum up my points and then inform you on what I have done before. Experience is always the best way to prove to someone you are worth their vote. 


1. Better timetabling for next year. (We need a timetable that works for all. At present, I have heard a lot of different issues with the timetable; we need to rectify these issues). 


2. Control the heating! (This is super important. We all need to feel comfortable in lecture/seminar rooms in order to work. If the heating is not working right: how can you?) 


3. History buddy scheme (We all need someone to turn to, that is why I wish to work towards a system where you can meet a second/third year student who will spend time going through essays with you and helping improve your historical skills. This will also build better communications between second/third years with first years.) 


4. History trips! (We need more History trips which are relevant to the course you are taking.) 


5. A new KCL History blog (for everyone to express how they feel about certain issues/topics/debates/exams)


Why Me? 


I am Jake and I am 19. I live in West Oxfordshire, where I took a year out from education to work with a political party. This year changed me so much, because I learnt how people really live and how people do not feel represented, and why they don't feel represented. They need someone to listen. I want to be that person who represents KCL History students. 


Recently, I have just set up a LGBTIQ+ group, which holds monthly meetings for anyone and everyone who connects to this community. Furthermore, I work closely with National Young Carers, because I cared for my Mum who has extreme mental health issues. 


I ask you to consider the person, not just the issues they intend to solve. I want to be a person who will be there for you, will deliver for you and stand up for you. Coming from a minority background (LGBTIQ+ world), I know what it feels like to be underrepresented; I do not want that to be you. 


Vote for me, Vote for history and Vote for a fairer year ahead with Jake.  


Facebook: Jake Acock