Candidate for the position of A&H English - Part Time Postgraduate Taught Representative



I believe I make the perfect candidate for the Arts and Humanities English - Part Time PGT SSLC Student Chair as I am committed, hard-working and already have a vast amount of experience in this role. 

Why I am suited to the role

During my Undergraduate degree at Brunel University London I developed a keen interest in the manner in which academic departments develop and respond to the needs of their students. Thus, throughout my time at Brunel I was a Module Representative numerous times before going on to undertake the role of Arts and Humanities Representative in my second year. For this role I was specifically trained by the Union of Brunel Students in how to represent the student voice effectively. I then reapplied for this role in my third and final year and was unoffically promoted to Committee Co-Chair by the Staff Chair, meaning I was an active leader in the running of Department Academic Committees, Board of Studies Meetings and Student-Staff Liaisons.

Alongside this, it was in my second year at Brunel that I ran Brunel Debate Society, acting as Chair and then Vice-Chair in my third year. My time as Chair highlighted a number of skills that excell in including organisiation, team management and independence - all of which transfer greatly to the role of SSLC Student Chair. I believe my hard work and dedication to the role can be evidenced in that the society had an membership increase of 15% and was nominated for a Union of Brunel Students Society Award, The exact same dedication would be given to the role of SSLC Student Chair. 

What I want to bring to the role

As somone who is an aspiring academic I deeply believe that the student is the heart of any academic department. Within this I believe that issues facing students should always be personally represented by the students themselves. Thus, I am proposing a Once-A-Term Forum for the Arts and Humaities Department, whereby any student with any issues, no matter how big or small, is able to attend and have their voice heard personally.

I hope to get your vote!