Candidate for the position of A&H Digital Humanities - 1st Year Undergraduate Representative



Together, we will think out loud!

Hi everyone, My name is Antra and I'm a  1st-year Digital Culture student. I am a strong advocate of 'THERE ARE NO STUPID QUESTIONS'.
Digital humanities department is relatively new at Kings and a new course in general, so it is certain that our class will be having a lot of questions and concerns about the content, Essay deadlines, marking criteria etc. As a student representative, I will voice our opinions and feedback to the department and ensure we have all the answers we need. 
I am a very approachable person who loves to talk and can connect with people easily. I have previous leadership and student representative experience from my school and I wish to hone it further by representing our class and making the best environment possible for all of us.
If you find me suitable, please vote for me to help create a 'Culture' of an open communication (Online AND offline) between students and the department!
If you have any questions, feel free to email me - or add me on facebook -