Candidate for the position of A&H CMCI - MA ACM Student Representatives



Working together to get our voices heard.


Being a student means strive for knowledge and having passionate discussions with others while welcoming diverse opinions and building a network of common interests.

In the Arts and Culture Management course, we are people with different bases due to our different disciplines and backgrounds. At times it might seem hard to understand other people’s ideas on an economic, political or human sciences level, however we must attempt to overcome these difficulties as our willingness to engage with one another will make our journey – this year – much more enriching.


Sometimes it might seem difficult to keep up. It may be the language barriers, the knowledge barriers or simply the fact that you are stuck on an idea but do not have the time in your seminar to discuss it. As a Student Representative I would like to help you on this journey, and make you feel like you can express your needs and knowledge, whether this be by organizing student sessions in the library where people can discuss their ideas in groups or by helping you overcome any obstacles you might be facing. 


A little bit about myself: I am from Switzerland and was born in Cape Town, South Africa at the end of apartheid and spent 9 years in a country that was splitting apart on many levels. After having moved to Switzerland I went to a school to learn German for a year where there were people from all over the world. I learned at an early stage how difficult it can be to express yourself in an unfamiliar place. More importantly, I learnt that you can profit so much more from your fellow students if you have help to overcome difficulties. I was an active member of the student committee in my last university and would like to play a part again this year.

We are all in this course to start a path that is connected with the cultural sector in one way or another, therefore it is crucial to work together and support each other.