Candidate for the position of NUS Trans Conference Delegate



Intersectional. Experienced. Vocal. Strong Integrity. Organised. Literally ur actual LGBT+ Prez - please send me to conf to rep your lovely selves


I'm Georgie! I'm the current LGBT+ Prez and former DSO for the past 2 years. I have also sat on the IfemSoc committee as well as internal SU panels and governing bodies. Ive attended 4 NUS Liberation conferences and been a member of student council so I feel very capable of representing us on a national level. 


I really hope my track record and vision for Intersectionality, Inclusivity, Accessibility and Respect can win your 


What I've done already:  

  • Won the Full Laurel KCLSU Award for outstanding service to the University as Disabled Students' Officer 
  • Helped create the App 'Disabled Go' 
  • Challenged the KCL Counselling Service on their institutional Racism on the highest level 
  • Consulted on the KCL Visioning Project 2029 
  • Consulted on the Bush House Building Project to ensure it is fully accessible 
  • Challenged KCL Estates to make Student Halls Accessible and comply with 2010 Equality Act Regulations 
  • Personally replied and helped over 400 emailing students with their DSA/PIP money allowance claims and KCL Access/Mental Health Issues 
  • successful represented King's at Disabled Student's Conference 2 years running 
  • 'Personalised-Exam-Provision-Committee' Member and Contributor for 2 years 
  • As LGBT+ President I ensure all events are fully accessible and inclusive of disabilities on Campus and we have an equal number of alcoholic and non alcoholic events 
  • successfuly planned Black History Month Events for QTPOC, Bi Visibility Awareness Day and Mental Health Awareness Week, showing intersectionalty is at the front of our agenda and will continue to be so