Candidate for the position of NUS LGBT+ Conference Delegate



“Without community, there is no liberation...but community must not mean a shedding of our differences, nor the pathetic pretense that these differences do not exist.” - Audre Lorde

My name is Emily and I am in my second year of my English degree, specialising in theatre and performance studies. I also work in the Diversity and Inclusion department as a Student Ambassador for the LGBT+ Association. My role requires me to of organise campus wide events to celebrate occasions such as LGBT History Month, and to ensure our LGBT+ staff and students are being represented and respected in all areas, both academically and personally. I have also been delivering both consent and active bystander workshops to staff and students in line with the It Stops Here Campaign, and have recently been training the presidents of some of our societies on how to signpost students at risk.

I am committed to ensuring our community is inclusive and intersectional. I want our space to be as accepting and safe as it can possibly be, for people to feel like they can bring their concerns to the forefront and not only feel confident that they’ll be listened to but that their leaders will deliver and keep the welfare of their community at the heart of their actions. For members of our community to feel welcome to be whoever they are and for those who can’t yet openly be themselves to have people here to support them every step of the way should they desire it. For that reason, I would love to be given the opportunity to become an LGBT+ delegate representing KCLSU.

I know I can vote on motions and elections at conference in line with SU policy as well as in the best interests of all LGBT+ individuals of our Union. I also hope to use the conference to network with activists from other unions as well as to learn from workshops held at conference to bring both knowledge and contacts back to Kings. I want to use the position to highlight the external issues LGBT+ individuals also face including mental health problems, housing and homelessness and how we as a Union can provide as much support as possible. I am willing to fight for the rights of my community, to ensure we receive the treatment we deserve and don’t have to settle for policies with ‘good intentions’ that amount to no change. I want to help bring greater equality for ALL letters of the acronym (and beyond), not just for one.