Candidate for the position of Political Economy - 2nd Year BA/BSc Political Economy Representative (Home/EU Student)

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Cedric Dreyer

Standing for you, and transparency.


It was an incredible honor to represent our class last year at the monthly SSLC, and Education Committees. With the feedback we received from everyone, we were able to make fantastic progress and work with the Department to create all the positive changes we were represented with at the induction. I'm very grateful for this, and I'm optimistic that there's more for us to achieve together. 

As this isn't about my personal position or opinions, but our interests collectively, I'll limit this manifesto to the following:

Core Pledges:

  1. To attend the meetings with the Department, return any news to you, and be vocal about our issues and concerns straight to the university to make our experience here as rewarding as it should be. There is much more work to do, and we can continue where we left off last year.
  2. To encourage greater inter-department cooperation, to make our outside module experiences smoother and more productive. 
  3. Changes to how we do transcripts, for those taking a BSc, it should be listed this year for applications.
  4. (and more socials...)


It would be wonderful to take on this role a second time, and I ask for your vote!

Vote, vote, vote!