Candidate for the position of Bioscience - Common Year One Representative

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Asrah Almoussaui

Help me win and I will help you achieve :D

Hi, my name is Asrah. I am a student just like you, which hopefully makes me approachable for any concerns or problems that you feel should be addressed to a member staff. I will try to bring the gap between the lecturers and students closer by communicating your thoughts and acting upon them. I am determined to become the voice for our CYO and also a friend whom you can talk to and have a laugh with (although my banter might be dead).

Having done such role in my previous university, I believe that this job will be perfect form me. I am not shy to say what needs to be done and I will most certainly focus on your need in CYO and the aspects around university life that you might want to improve. I find working in a team empowering and very productive as you are able to form opinions of issues that matter the most. I am all about equality between us all and will try to bring the students closer together too, through activities and events.

Finally, I will always make sure that you can find me or contact me if needed throughout the year and I will make sure to respond to you just like a good WiFi signal.