Candidate for the position of LGBT+ Students' Association Committee - Welfare Rep



We derserve nothing but the best.

My name is Itzia Pérez Morales, and I am studying Psychiatric Research at the IoPPN. I am a clinical psychologist from Mexico and I am currently Julian Markham House Residence Warden at KCL, looking after the welfare and conduct of our dear freshers and international students. During my education and work I have dealt with a lot of different issues in the LGBT+ community regarding health and welfare, such as abuse, addiction and discrimination in Mexico City, New York and now London.

  • I want to bring forth more information regarding the resources we have and the problems we face, currently we have a LGBT+ support group, yet more campus and halls activities outside an intimidating councelling environment would be helpful for many students, and to ease students from more conservative cultures or backgrounds, as discrimination and abuse may arise from lack of knowledge and exposure.
  • Gender is a key point in today's society, with many countries having more and more strict rules regarding transgenders, transexuals, and gender fluid, we need to make a stand and provide support, while also educating the public.
  • Health is paramount, it is about prevention and early treatment, we need more information on mental and sexual health and we need to make people aware of how to face such problems if needed and factors of risk and protection, we also need to stop discrimination and stigmatisation on mental health issues, and bring forth support, guidance and information regarding safe sex in particular practices.

Kings is a vibrant and diverse community, where it doesn't matter your race, gender, sexuality or nationality, and I plan to keep it that way, everyone is entitled a healthy and fulfilling life, and so I want to bring forth more information, prevention and support for overall health, mental and physical. As a warden I know a lot about the different services and protocols the College has on student welfare, and as an international LGBT+ student I am aware of what problems many students may experience in both areas, my background in clinical psychology also gives me an edge in mental health.