Candidate for the position of International Students' Association Committee - Campaigns Rep



Passion and Purpose!

Why choose me?


I have always been passionate about helping achieve positive change, and my drive to defend student rights and support international students was driven not only by my personal experience, but by this passion. In 2015/16, I was part of the student campaign that not only achieved a dialogue between KCL administrators and students of colour, but mounted the Wall of BAME you may see if you pass through the Strand Campus today. Throughout the 2016/17 academic year and today, I have been working tirelessly to support student rights, international students and migrants in general through founding and leading the International Students' Rights Campaign as its President, working with campus activists and student union members organising against immigration restrictions as well as attending demonstrations against tuition fees and cuts, Donald Trump and most recently Brexit.


I don't just have passion, though. I am someone who delivers results. For example, in 2016, I initiated and successfully implemented the International Students' Rights Campaign's first big project, #Immigreatness. This project was meant to change the narrative around immigration by telling the stories of international students. Over the course of 1 day, we managed to collect 9 pictures and 9 stories, compile them into an exhibition and get it mounted on a wall cabinet in the Strand (next to S0.12, if you want to see). This campaign managed to get the attention of The Tab at KCL, who did a feature on it in September 2017.

If elected, I will combine passion and purpose to develop and deliver powerful, effective campaigns for international students at King's as part of the Association Committee, around issues like international student fees and protecting international students already in King's from racism, xenophobia and deportations, as well as helping to bring the international student community closer together.

Vote for me, and I will work for you with passion and purpose!