Candidate for the position of Political Economy - 2nd Year BA/BSc Philosophy, Politics and Economics Representative (Home/EU Student)



Dear PPEople,


First year is already over. It went flying by. Also I hope you all enjoyed your summer.

I feel you deserve to know what I really did during my previous year as your student rep with Caio.


What we did

Along with Caio we both were attending Student Staff Liaison Committees throughout the whole year.

We decided to split other duties accordingly; Caio took part in Departmental Meetings, I was participating in Education Committees.

Certainly, we are the most proud of achieving our main postulates, so: BSc pathway and
Study Abroad for PPE. Additionally, we advocated for a new, better way to communicate with all PPE students since we are acknowledging that not everyone uses Facebook. It is highly likely that this year it will be possible with the KEATS system and I am certain that it will immensely help future student reps (let’s just cross our fingers for King’s IT).


Furthermore, we raised the issues related to the confusion at the beginning of the year with King’s email, the invitation for Philosophy induction as well as reading list available only 1 week before the Freshers Week. Similarly, we complained about the discrepancies in essay writing guidance between different departments. As some of you may have noted during induction this year, our requests were heard and in 2017 DPE drew the attention of freshers to the above-mentioned issues.


We addressed the problem of Principles of Economics TAs - both during SSLC meetings and directly with Dr Skarbek. Similarly, this problem was acknowledged during induction and Dr Blau mentioned that this year 3 new TAs have been appointed for this module to assure a better quality of teaching in seminars.


Moreover, we talked about the confusion at the beginning of the 2nd term regarding QM drop-in sessions but also we conveyed the complaints of some concerning no STATA guidance and the feedback on the feedback.


We stood behind the current word count policy that gives us more flexibility with accordance to PPE students opinion.


We also passed some of your ideas on how to improve the quality of teaching in DPE. For instance, the suggestion to make the essays that received top marks available on KEATS anonymously or more printing credit. The latter is still an ongoing battle. I also lobbied for awarding 5% of top students so their effort would be acknowledged. 



How we did it

In November I conducted a small survey. We also gathered your opinions on Facebook group chat, Facebook group and in private messages. Similarly, we talked with many of you directly trying to receive as many suggestions and complaints as possible. We regularly participated in the meetings. On many occasions I contacted programme officers to respond to the emerging questions.


Plans for the future

As you may know, I will be standing for the PPE student rep once again this year.
Here are some of my postulates for the upcoming year


Events informing about Masters available also for 2nd and 1st years.

Research proposal workshops - since some 1+3 programmes require them.

Some flexibility in choosing Philosophy modules for 1st year Introduction to Philosophy.
So the possibility to choose 4 part modules as we experienced it to give a taste of Philosophy for those that never read it before. Or alternative for those that already know what philosophy module they want to take, 2 much more in-depth modules with other Philosophy students - just as it functions in PPL.

Advertising MyReadingList before the start of the term as an alternative to the reading list.
Or providing a reading list at the beginning of holidays.


Why choose me

I am already acquainted with how the DPE functions, the academic and professional staff.
Choosing me you can be sure that I know what I am doing.

Last year as the only representative I attended 100% of SSLC meeting and
100% of Education Committees. I made sure that I am fulfilling my duties thoroughly.

I tried to acquire your opinion carefully using the variety of methods. I always canvassed the view of all PPE students, not my own opinions. Moreover, I was encouraged by the former Senior Tutor - Dr Scott, Education Director - Dr Blau and many other members of academic and professional staff to stand again in the student representative elections since I proved to be strong and successful student rep last year.


Thank you for reading this short report and do not forget to vote.