Candidate for the position of Political Economy - 1st Year BA/BSc Political Economy Representative (Home/EU Student)

Nigarah Kuganenderan

Power to change


I am Nigarah and I hope I can be your 1st year Political Economy Rep.

 I have a genuine enthusiasm in the study of Political Economy and I believe this is a course that relies on effective communication between the students and the faculty. Especially now as we are feeling the pinch of high tuition fees, it is important we receive high quality teaching to prepare us for the future. I am determined to put forward a unified voice to develop the course in a positive and constructive way as desired by the students.

Having worked in Investment Management for a year, I have acquired the skills to communicate and listen to senior members of staff and work effectively as a part of a team as well as a leader. Having been the co-chair of the Hindu Society at the Investment Management firm, I was responsible for collating feedback from hundreds of my colleagues to reflect and improve our events for the future.

Many thanks for reading my blurb and I hope I can represent your views in the near future.