Candidate for the position of A&H English - 1st Year Undergraduate Representative



'As an international student, I hope to contribute constructively to the framework, growth and development of the Department by bringing forth fresh insights from my own experiences and those of my fellow students.'

Engaging with the subject of English and the many pathways closely linked to it has led to many fresh insights for me as a student, reader, researcher, critic and writer. Such first-hand experiences, my own and those that I have gathered from many others, would assist me in positively contributing to the framework, growth and development of the Department.

As an international student, I also have to offer the many perspectives of students who come from diverse cultures and backgrounds towards teaching and learning within the program, as these ideas are crucial to the functioning of the course. 

I would like to take this opportunity to engage closely with the Department and share the insecurities and concerns that students share in the First Year. I have always been actively involved in leadership and dialogue in school, and look forward to serving as an Academic Representative this year.