Candidate for the position of Women Students' Association Committee - Union Development Rep

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Shereen Brogan

Unity, Equality, Empowerment.


The rights of women have been a hot topic in most political discussions today, from “Beyoncé feminism” to brutal and unfortunate events that may occur in a woman’s life. At Kings, we are a very diverse, multi-cultural family, which is why I aim to bring about awareness and discussion of women’s rights and needs from a universal point of view. My goal is to raise awareness throughout our corridors and bring to light the suffrage and progression of equality between the sexes on an intersectional level.


Reasons why you should elect me: 

As a woman of colour, somebody with a close and personal history of mental health, a member of the LGBT+ community and somebody from a low-income family, I have personally felt the chains and challenges of discrimination and I aim to work together with the union to destroy this pattern of discrimination and inequality across our generation. I want to help lead the way to shattering the glass ceiling between the opportunities and privileges that are available to CIS men and yet not available to women.  

From our reproductive rights, to the recognition of trans-women, I aim to provide an inclusive and a thoroughly representational understanding of the problems within the societies around the world. I aim to bring to light the issues women face in the media, in the work place, in the law, in the family and even in the education system! But most importantly, the internalised and underground misogyny that most forget. I intend to use my Human Rights law and my Anti-discrimination law modules to aid my knowledge in the process.


What i have been involved in: 

I have previously worked with NCS, Barnardo’s, mutliple homeless shelters around some of the poorest communities in England and i have witnessed first-hand the violence against women, the sex trafficking that still exists and the exploitation of young girls that is still prominent yet a silent taboo of a topic. I have also worked with many clients with Citizen's Advice including women with children facing debt due to the financial inequalities of the modern day.  My objective is to discuss and face these issues head on, to work with people, to encourage women internationally to join us in promoting equality and to make the word ‘feminist’ a label to be proud of.


What i aim to achieve: 

I also aim to offer a safe space and some comfort to women that have been victims or directly affected by issues that disproportionately affect women. I aim to be that voice which stands up for the silenced, to spread the word to the rest of the world. By creating a meeting point within the union for women who want to voice themselves and their experiences or hardships. 

I also aim to work with my fellow union organisers and reps to create more opportunities and work experience to help our careers as people who identify as women. This means creating links with companies, and employers and offering more opportunities that can be utilised by you. 


My skills and more about me:

I am confident, reliable and organized. I have dedicated my personal and work life to volunteering and helping people, especially women and families that face inequalities through NCS, Citizen's Advice, and Banardo's. I have chosen to study both Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Law as my optional modules for my third year LLB because I hold equality close to my heart. Aiding women break down the barriers and discrimination we face and give us a voice has always been my passion. 

I like to think I am persuasive, yet approachable and this will be useful in gaining what I want to achieve and how I want the union to grow and become more inclusive for all types of women. A couple of skills i have picked up from studying law and working alongside real victims in society. 

Most of all i am dedicated and hold much enthusiasm to creating a more equal and inclusive future for everybody!


I stand for unity, I desire equality, but I fight to empower women.