Candidate for the position of A&H English - MA Theatre and Performance Studies Representative



"Though she be but little, she is fierce." - William Shakespeare

My past experience representing students spans over several years, both within my institution and outwith including: events at Edinburgh Council and at various government initiatives. I have also chaired meetings and seen our team achieve change after addressing various concerns made by our peers.

I believe in teamwork and looking outwardly towards the student community – not just how we can better our experience but how can we have a positive impact on others. I also believe in equality, that everyone should not just have their say but they all are taken seriously with the same urgency and concern.

If chosen to be the student representative for Theatre and Performance MA, along with raising any concerns we have, I would like to arrange more events across the English department to make connections both academically and personally with our peers in order to grow our opportunities and experience.