Candidate for the position of Student Trustee



Let's do something more.. More Involvement.. More Coming together.. More Wellbeingness... More Knowing yourself.. More Sharing.. More Dreaming.. More Fire.. Let's rise and fall together..


My name is Ranjan and I am running for student trustee. I feel I can do justice to this role as I have the 16years of experience in public administration. I have successfully implemented public welfare and security schemes in my country. I have proven my leadership qualities in the most adverse situations. My biggest strength is that I can well connect and understand the students coming from different backgrounds to King’s College. I believe in sharing of ideas and tapping every opportunity of progress.

Five reasons why you should elect me. 
1. I will work for a better experience and improved results. 
2. Every voice will be heard. 
3. You can contact me any time 
4. For bringing more transparency and availability of services. 
5. It is my service to my alma mater.