Candidate for the position of Informatics - Computer Science Year 1 Representative



I am your voice. Choose me and I will enhance your student life at King's and beyond. I will be your compiler, detecting all the problems and issues that affect the community and your mentor who is there to save the day. There is nothing that can't be solved with engineering.


Spoilers: Won the local round with a team I am proud to be part of.

Living in a culture that is different from your own can be both an exciting and challenging experience. What if there is a way to bridge cultural differences? What if you are introverted and don’t know how to break the ice?

That is where “Culturoo” comes in. 

My team and I made a web video calling app powered by natural language processing that promotes cultural learning via compelling suggestions for communication.

For example, if the one who you are videoing chatting with sends an "Hola". Let's just assume u don't know what that means, our algorithm will process it and display the meaning of that plus 10 chat suggestions of how to continue the conversation. It will also put a picture of Spain and any relevant content.

We had 24/7 access to food/beverages, a comfortable conference room with glasses that we could write our ideas on, and extremely supportive sponsors/hosts. Thank you IDEALondon for making this happen.

This hackathon has broadened my perspective.

I believe any idea can be built into reality and that there is always something to improve upon, no matter the subject.

I am proud to take ownership and work with people from very diverse backgrounds. 20 hours of working non-stop have been worth it.