Candidate for the position of Disabled Students' Officer



Accessibility. Inclusivity. Respect. A Strong Reliable Leader With A Solid SU Track Record! You Can Trust Me To Deliver Again! #1


I'm Georgie! I'm the current LGBT+ Prez and former DSO for the past 2 years! I have both physical and mental health conditions so I hope I can continue to represent our needs! 


I really hope my track record and vision for Inclusivity, Accessibility and Respect can win your vote! 


What I've done already:  

  • Won the Full Laurel KCLSU ?Award for outstanding service to the University as Disabled Students' Officer 
  • Helped create the App 'Disabled Go' 
  • Challenged the KCL Counselling Service on their institutional Racism on the highest level 
  • Consulted on the KCL Visioning Project 2029 
  • Consulted on the Bush House Building Project to ensure it is fully accessible 
  • Challenged KCL Estates to make Student Halls Accessible and comply with 2010 Equality Act Regulations 
  • Personally replied and helped over 400 emailing students with their DSA/PIP money allowance claims and KCL Access/Mental Health Issues 
  • successful represented King's at Disabled Student's Conference 2 years running 
  • 'Personalised-Exam-Provision-Committee' Member and Contributor for 2 years 
  • As LGBT+ President I ensure all events are fully accessible and inclusive of disabilities on Campus and we have an equal number of alcoholic and non alcoholic events 


What I will do: 


  • continue to establish a grassroots disabled society
  • Ensure lecture capture is used across lectures and campuses 
  • Continue to challenge the KCL Mental Health Service on: waiting times, duration of treatment, level of care, and unconscious bias 
  • Move inclusion and respect into the medical and post grad file sa as teaching on disability must be improved.
  • help tackle the need for better resources for students struggling with a heavily academic degree and disability combined 
  • Create a series of successful events for Disabled History Month 
  • Participate in the Blue Badge Scheme across campuses 
  • Continue to support the move for signage changing on Disabled doors to represent all disabilities 
  • Continue to work with the Wellbeing Team, especially around exam time to create calming and helpful events 
  • Continue to ensure society's make their events Accessible and Inclusive on Campus