Candidate for the position of Disabled Students' Officer



Vote for Shani as #1 Disabled Students' Officer for more visibility, better opportunities and increased representation!

Vote Shani #1 for Disabled Students’ Officer


Increased visibility

If elected, I pledge to strengthen the disabled student community by creating a network that will exist both online and offline (by hosting more events and drop in sessions).

Furthermore, hosting more events will enable disabled students to network, reducing the feeling of alienation that can often come with studying as a disabled student! Whilst I know the personal issues I have faced during my studies as a result of my disabilities, I want to ensure that we are making improvements in the areas that students feel matter the most. For example, how does mobility and mental health conditions affect people who study highly intensive science courses? Gathering data through this network will enable us to make improvements that will have the most positive impact.


Better opportunities for disabled students

I will ensure that the Disabled Students Association liaison with King’s Employability Service to push for more internships and work placements that are catered and accessible to disabled students. We will organise events where we can network with disabled alumni and provide tailored career advice, as well as organise study skills sessions for disabled students.


Challenging our current structure

I will create a Disabled Student’s Guide to studying at King’s, which will ensure that every disabled student is fully aware of the support available on and off campus and of their rights in situations where the university’s policies may need to be challenged. If elected, I will prioritise increasing accessibility on and off campus.

I will confront the issues that several students are facing with their King’s Inclusion Plans: whether it comes from delays in it being passed along to the relevant parties or the access arrangements proposed not being carried out. I will challenge instances of discrimination that students have faced as a result of their disability, whether it comes from the Disability Advisory Service, counselling services, their respective departments or other areas related to our studies (e.g. the libraries and King’s accommodation).


Advocacy and representation

Finally, whilst this proposal is limited in comparison to the improvements and adjustments I am eager to make, I want to ensure that the Disabled Students Association is a safe space where students can express their concerns and receive extensive guidance and support. I will ensure that the Disabled Students Association will represent the interests of the entire disabled student body.


So please vote for Shani as #1 Disabled Students' Officer for a stronger, more visible disabled student community! Voting begins at on Monday the 9th of October at 9am and ends Thursday the 12th at 5pm, and you must self-define as disabled in your profile to vote.


Here is my email for any questions you may have, or whether you’d just like to say hi! Please also find below my poster for my candidacy.