Candidate for the position of A&H Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies - 2nd Year Undergraduate Student Representative

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Nikol Nikolova

Hello, everyone! I am Nikol, and I am currently a 2nd-year undergraduate, for Spanish and Portuguese studies. I have applied for the position of student rep and SSLC chair. I am here to make sure the link between staff and students, and the sense of community in the department and university remains as strong as it can be! I was an academic rep last year, and I have also become the president of SPLAS Soc (Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American studies), and thence, I have developed the right experience and leadership skills in my time at King’s. I always make sure I talk to everyone within the department and university, in order to make them feel involved and at ease that there’s always someone to pass on the message to the faculty if needed. In terms of the position of an academic rep, I understand the significance of always being aware of any issues, important messages, or concerns that could affect the students' university experience, and therefore, work closely to resolve them. In my 1st-year experience, I took the responsibility of gathering important research, regarding students' voice on assessments and modules, and carrying this on to the department. Furthermore, I always remain active in the university community, from getting involved in societies to various events, and extra-curriculum activities. Overall, I plan on taking an active stand, for students to be able to speak up in a free and open environment, and always be in contact with the student union and the university, to make their experience consistently better! Vote for me!