Candidate for the position of Student Trustee



United We Live, United We Stand, Together We Form a Family at KCL




I am a Mauritian candidate who has lived in, experienced, coped with and learned from various cultures including in Singapore and the United Kingdom.  Currently, I am pursuing a Masters degree in Neuroimaging at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King’s College London. Being one of the four Student Trustees, I put forth the progression of a transparent, diverse and healthy community, all in mind of a realistic budget allocation for each project we, KCLSU truly believes to contribute to the development, welfare and wellbeing of any student at KCL.

While pursuing my undergraduate degree at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, I was also committed to working in a cosmopolitan environment at the Hall of Residence 7. During my four years in student accommodation, I championed the importance of maintaining a shared community within the hall, inclusive of students from different backgrounds and cultural orientations around the globe. With the aim of enriching the academic life of students, I was elected as the Program Director of Hall of Residence 7 Freshmen Orientation Camp. I initiated planning strategies with allocated resources for ice-breaking activities to lead teams of newcomers during events and communicated effectively to ensure they enjoy a comfortable environment. While studying, I developed good time management skills to enhance my work-life balance in a demanding and volatile environment. Furthermore, being able to balance my responsibilities well allowed me to take on the role of Rugby Player for the Hall of Residence 7 Rugby Squad and Blood Donation Officer for Red Cross. My respective objectives were to promote youth wellbeing by embracing sportsmanship to carry out team building sessions during weekly trainings, thus achieving a successful energetic team and cultivating awareness about the importance of donating blood to benefit the society.

I furthered my understanding of both academic and student life during my postgraduate study at The University of Edinburgh in Artificial Intelligence where I stayed in postgraduate accommodation for the duration of the course, at Holyrood North Residences. While maintaining focus in my studies, I was also interested in expanding my network with students by learning the broad spectrum of European culture and lifestyle. Being a people’s person, I volunteered to organise study groups at Holyrood North Residences and work collaboratively with other students from different faculties to support each other and be empathetic with the kinds of stresses they were facing. Being committed to promote an approachable and non-judgemental attitude regardless of personal adversities, I organised post-exam get-togethers to bring residents under one roof and celebrate their dedication and strive for success. After receiving positive feedback and appreciation for my contribution to promulgate the motto “as one people and one nation”, I was apt to constantly improve myself to switch the best in me for which new experiences are the pre-requisites.  Hence, I became actively involved to identify arenas which would bring a large corpus of students together. I promoted major sport events and went to organise sports night with respect to Euro 2016, Super Bowl 2016 and NBA among others at Holyrood North Residences.  With my unifying force of driving residents to meet and embrace various cultures with the inclusion of everyone irrespective of one’s national origin, race and ethnicity, I was inducted into the Humans of Holyrood North Residences.

With my deep rooted history of six years in both academic and student life, I have always been the only Mauritian on campus and hence, understood the importance to reach out to the halls community and maintain a sustainable lifestyle, in a fast-paced environment. I believe the international exposure has allowed me to be committed to and responsible for the wellbeing and discipline of residents. Those invaluable experiences have encouraged me to help residents settle into and cope well with the university life, especially by acting as a touch point for vulnerable students and provide a confidential space for them to speak about issues related to their wellbeing, personal or otherwise. Also, having being brought up in a multicultural society in Mauritius, I have always grown up, embracing culture based on freedom of expression, tolerance and shared experience within the society.



Theme #1: Cultural Diversity

Born in Mauritius, whose people accounts for 0.02% of the world’s population, I am very enthusiastic to connect with people from a diverse spectrum of culture and nationalities, and         learn from their diversified life experiences. Having studied in Singapore, Edinburgh and currently London, I am constantly growing my network of friends and also, building a                 community that is inclusive of others regardless of religion, ethnic group and socio-economic status.

Theme #2: People’s Person

Having lived in student accommodation for the past six years and counting, I connect with people at different levels of hierarchy and make the world a smaller place. While interacting with different people on a daily basis enriches one’s lifelong experience of understanding the dynamics of the world, I like to take time out to reach out to them and provide my support when needed.

Theme #3: Effective Communicator – Multilingualism

My interpersonal strength allows me to bridge the gap between EU and Overseas students, thus creating a community of “one nation, one people”. My multilingualism ability to converse in English, French and Hindi gives me a competitive advantage to break the ice with people with much ease.  As London is a cosmopolitan city and the second largest financial hub in the world, I believe I am at the forefront of establishing permanent relationships from people across the world.  Currently, I am enrolled for the assessed Spanish course at the Modern Language Centre for two semesters to learn a new language and I have been enlisted for the King’s Experience Global Award.

 Theme 4: Risk Taker

As every decision requires one to weight the cost-benefit factor, I take calculated risks before venturing into a new discipline or embarking upon a decision.Considering all impacts of a decision is a key virtue to mitigate uncertainty and specially when high investment is at stake.On another note, I like to challenge my potentials of exploring new arenas and thus, achieving greater heights, where no two days are the same.

Theme #5: Interdisciplinary Qualifications

During my tenure in university, I am equipped with a strong combination of three degrees from Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Neuroimaging.Having a keen interest to constantly dwell myself in learning new disciplines would benefit the Student Trustee position which I am currently applying.Having a background within the realms of Informatics will add substance to the projects KCLSU will be embarking upon and my knowledge in psychology and psychiatry would be at the centerpiece to put forth the welfare and wellbeing of students across KCL, all in mind to include everyone in the projects KCLSU will be working towards.



Experience #1: Warden, Moonraker Point King’s Residence

Currently elected as one of the 21 Wardens at King’s Residence, I lead all the freshmen at Moonraker Point throughout the academic year 2017/18 and maintain their welfare, wellbeing and discipline during their stay. In addition, I am responsible to actively encourage them to settle into and cope with life at the College and independent living and, act as a touchpoint for vulnerable students while monitoring their progress via follow-up sessions.

Experience #2: Program Director, Freshmen Orientation Camp

While pursuing my undergraduate degree at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, I blended working with a cosmopolitan environment at the Hall of Residence 7.  During the four years of staying in student accommodation, I championed the importance of maintaining a shared community within the hall, inclusive of students from different backgrounds and cultural orientation around the globe.  Aimed at enriching the academic life of students, I was elected as the Program Director of Hall of Residence 7 Freshmen Orientation Camp.  I initiated planning strategies to allocated resources for ice-breaking activities to lead teams of newcomers during the event and communicated effectively to ensure they enjoy a comfortable environment.

Experience #3: Advisory Summer Associate, PwC Mauritius

I was on-board of the Strategy team as a research consultant within the aviation industry to outline an operating model and enhance the effectiveness of the border management system of the country. I developed the project’s strategic recommendation on the process flow and invested into research to build a Data Analytics Infrastructure. With my interpersonal skills, I led the testing live training sessions for 7 Google employees from USA, Kenya, Uganda and Ghana and, delivered a 300+ slides quality User Guide document to detail the implemented system while catering for exhaustive scenarios based on the processes of sub-modules and approval workflows. Having a head for numbers, I wrote a mathematical Functional Requirement Document for the Business Solutions team prior to implementing a Payroll Calculator for PwC Mauritius.  My interpersonal skills allowed me to conduct 7 training sessions for a total of 350+ PwC employees to introduce them the Payroll Portal.

Experience #4: Founder of Innovation Centre, PwC Mauritius

Brought in PwC Mauritius by the Advisory Partner as a Summer Associate to help setup an Innovation Centre, I developed innovative proof of concepts and articulately presented my progress to 5 Partners and 2 Associate Directors every three weeks.During my tenure, I aimed to propose to invest in projects that would shift from the application of conventional technologies and instead, address a new era of cutting edge technologies such as Data Analytics, Sentiment Analysis, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

Experience #5: Presenter, Mauritius Software Craftsmanship Community

During the yearly Mauritius Software Craftsmanship Community conference in March 2017, I presented an Artificial Intelligence lecture entitled "How Machines Become Intelligent?" to explain how Big Data, Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis are applied in health care.



Skill #1: Leadership

I shall lead by examples and respect the KCLSU Board, together with all my subordinates.I shall inculcate my time management aptitude to conduct meetings in a timely manner to check the progress of projects and prioritize tasks in a stepwise refinement fashion.

Skill #2: Teamwork

I shall promote a healthy team at KCLSU as a strong team accounts for positive productivity, lifelong learning and the ability to thrive in challenging circumstances.I shall be a good communicator as well as an effective listener with no judgmental mentality.

Skill #3: Innovation

I shall invest in projects that would shift from the traditional pattern of thought and venture into new arenas, keeping in mind that we are driving away from the conventional approach of doing things.

Skill #4: Community Builder

Having lived a university student life for 6 years and counting, I aim to continue to promote a healthy and sound community which shall be gender neutral and include students from around the globe.

Skill #5: Welfare Promoter

I shall work towards campaigns that shall stop the stigmatization of mental health issues and help students to embrace freedom of speech to openly talk about their issues throughout the course of their degree.

Skill #6: Consultancy Services

Having worked as a Strategy Consultant at PwC Mauritius which is one of the Big Four firms in the world, I shall apply my expertise to conduct feasibility study on projects that KCLSU would like to invest in and provide an analysis of whether KCLSU would manage to accomplish the set objectives related to the scope of the projects in terms of resources, budget and timeline.