Candidate for the position of Bioscience - Common Year One Representative


Better than gin and singing a song. Vote for Jiin Song.

I believe the common year one representative should be one of 'those'.

As an international student from South Korea, who studied in a British international school for five years, I experienced various changes. While experiencing these changes, I started to notice the importance of ‘those’ who lead and become the link between me and society. Coming to KCL was one of the best choice I have ever made until now, and studying biomedical sciences in KCL is another choice that excites me. By being the common year one representative, I am eager to become one of ‘those’

I belive that every one of you will have ups and downs during your studies in KCL. I believe that then, there will be some times when you want your voice to be heard.

I promise to be committed to keeping you informed of developments in our course, biosciences, and drive forward to provide our CYOs the most stuitable environment to study in. 

I will also seek advice and support from KCLSU and college staff throughout the year about issues or concerns that have been raised.

Mostly, I love laughter and turst in people.

Thus, I promise to be more than just a simple gin we drink to mingle and song we sing to brighten up. I will try my best to be the one who you can freely talk to with no hesitance and also be the one who everyone can trust.

Even though I become one of the Common Year One representatives in the future, I will still be one of the member in the CYO group, and still be one of you, who will stand on the same side as you and fight toghether. 

Thank you - and vote for Jiin Song and let's sing a song together at the end!