Candidate for the position of A&H Liberal Arts - 1st Year Representative

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Hannah Mudd

Gemini - Not A Spy - Always Tries - Loves You Guys :)



 Gemini: A little bit about myself - I'm a gemini, I'm from Surrey (a little bit south-west of London), I really love coffee, and I have a Dory air freshener called Gina.

 Not A Spy: Whilst I do believe that intelligence gathering is an important task for a student rep, I don't actually just want to spy on you guys.

 Always Tries: I really do!

 Loves You Guys: I chose this course for a reason, and so far I really am loving both this course and everyone involved with it!


Hey, I'm Hannah, and I think I'd make a great student rep! This year, my optional modules include: Introductory Latin; Power, Culture and Belief in Europe 1500-1800; Issues and Topics in Music 1 and 2; Classical and Biblical Contexts in English Literature; and Introduction to Classical Studies. I'm also studying the AKC and trying out many, many societies! So many.

I will admit that most of my relevant experience comes from being a bored child stuck in my parents' meetings, however I really do actually enjoy the process of bringing about change. Liberal Arts may be the best course ever, but it's a young course, and its interdiciplinary nature means that there's a lot of opportunity for stuff to go wrong. I just want help, and to make things better for everyone!

Just keep swimming!