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Hi all! My name is Momin Saqib. I am the current elected Vice President for Activities and Development 2016/17 and the former International Student’s Officer (2015/16). It has been an honour working for you and I believe I have served you all with excellence in the past year. I now plan to run for President of KCLSU and I request you to put your trust in me once again.

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Why me?

My educational and professional experiences have equipped me with a wide range of practical skills. Being the International Student Officer at King's College London  have sharpened my analytical approach, interpersonal capacity and cognitive ability. Managing and organizing events for King's College London has boosted my confidence and allowed me to perform effectively under stress. These activities combined with my placement as the Vice-President for Activities and Development at King's College London has added a new dimension to my teamwork skills. The responsibilities of being an international ambassador at King's to universities in the US has enhanced my leadership capability, organizational proficiency and empowered me with the competence of taking initiatives. With a drive for excellence and a passion to achieve, I am confident that I will add positively to the successful culture at King's College London and would continue to represent everyone's interests as my own! #MominSaqib4President



Why? Because I care!! And I’m sure if you’ve ever come across me you know how passionate I am about enhancing student experience.

I care and I deliver!

  • Global lounge: I got King’s open for the very first time with free food, games and activities DURING the Christmas break for all those students who couldn’t go back home and made sure that we are there for them even when the university is off
  • I got the amazing £20 bar tab offer for societies and clubs to have socials in the SU bars.
  • I was proactive about raising awareness about Mental Health, Sexual Harassment (It Stops Here) and disabled sports throughout the year and also fought against the rise in tuition fees and for free education.
  • I secured partial funding for Roar news to go from online to printed copies again.
  • I started “Officers on Tour” a concept that asks for sabbatical officers to go out and interact with students raising awareness about the union and also having honest conservations about any issues they have to strengthen relationship between the student body and KCLSU
  • I negotiated with the college to cut down the Wednesday afternoon time from 1 to 12 and successfully procured a ‘soft constraint’ which means that any department, while scheduling lectures or tutorials, will have Wednesday 12 to 1 as the last option.
  • Worked relentlessly with the other officers to get the sixth sabbactical position of VP Postgraduate.
  • My biggest achievement is that I have ALWAYS gone the extra mile to support students and will continue to do so with all my heart and energies

    This is not it, for more of my achievments and experience, see



WELFARE and Mental Health

  • Mental Health Support- I will fight to lessen the waiting time for appointments; bringing in more counsellors on all campuses. Raising awareness about mental health. Increased availability of emergency services on campus and make sure students have the proper support that they need.
  • External Speaker Policy: I will review and revamp the external speaker’s policy to make it more accessible and make sure that security mitigations are appropriate and don't penalise vulnerable student groups and also reduce the time for booking rooms with external speakers.
  • Inclusion of Disabled students:  I am already working with King’s Sports on increasing provisions for wheelchair basketball and I want to continue with my efforts to have more disabled sports provisions and opportunities.Disabled students should have the opportunity to play sport accessibly.
  • BME attainment GAP: I will endeavour to address the BME attainment GAP and devise methods to minimise it. Also making sure that the students are empowered to have influence over the curriculum.
  • Let’s Prevent Prevent- Through unequivocal acknowledgement of the consequences of Prevent law I will continue to voice student views and raise awareness; I will organise Anti-prevent week and contend all kinds of Islamophobic racism. Also making sure no staff members in the college are trained about this destructive policy and that no student emails are monitored. I have already worked copiously against Islamophobia by leading campaigns and protests on 10 Downing Street.
  • “IT STOPS HERE”: I will continue to support “It Stops Here” campaign and raise awareness about sexual harassment prevention on campus and the reporting policy.
  • Affordable student accommodation: Cut costs of accommodation and improve living standards through consistent checks and higher living bursaries
  • Fight to bring back the post study work visa with the NUS                                                                           
  • Supporting cleaners and staff members on campus: I already have been part of the protests with our cleaners this year and would continue to make sure that they receive the proper pay, treatment, and respect.
  • Tutor/Lecturer awareness: There must be training for our lecturers around intersectional issues so that they are aware of micro-aggressions in their teaching.     
  • I will work with the people of colour association to combat all forms of racism.


Activities and Sports

  • Cut the room booking time for King’s Room from 10 days to 6.
  • Student Media Centre: I will work towards bringing improvements in the Student Media Centre and I will live stream AGM and other large student events.
  •  Funding for societies The funding already got increased by 10 percent this year but I will fight' for more society funding
  • Wednesday Afternoon: We have obtained a ‘soft constraint’ this year which means that Wednesday 12-1pm would be the last option departments would consider while scheduling lectures and I want to continue helping all sports societies by scaling down the class timings from 1pm to 12pm permanently
  • More offers for societies and clubs to have socials in SU bars


Student Experience

  • Continuation of GLOBAL LOUNGE:  I would work towards bringing back the Global Lounge and make sure King's is open during Christmas break because it gives international students a sense of college belonging when they are often isolated.
  • Sleeping Pods: Work towards introducing Sleeping Pods in King’s to enhance the wellbeing students it's also useful for student parents and mature students who often have different times of studying
  • Underrepresented Campuses: I will aim to improve union facilities across all underrepresented campuses particularly Denmark Hill and Waterloo and St Thomas’.'It's important for us as a Union to represent the whole of the student body. We don't have enough presence across campuses to represent students, especially postgraduate students at Denmark hill, so we will expand
  • Funding: I will invest my efforts in making sure that the college that the college preserves bursary support and look to increase bursary support for vulnurable students. I will look to improving nursing students funding also'
  • Resolving IT issues: Make sure the IT issues are dealt with and that the College is held accountable'
  • Waterloo Cafeteria: I will lobby to extend the opening time for the cafeteria till 9pm.
  • More toilets with douches: Considering the high demand for more toilets with douches from International students, I will work towards on getting more toilets with douches across all campuses.




  • GTA Pay: I will continue to support GTA pay and secure a further pay rise, as well as further teaching training.
  • Working hand in hand with the university in making sure that refugees and migrants are welcomed to Kings with open hands and hearts.
  • Examination Timetables: I will liaise with the relevant bodies to ensure that exam timetables are released early
  • Nursing Bursary: I will support and fight for our nurses, midwifery and professionals students after the NHS Bursary is removed in September 2017.
  • Tuition Fee: I will fight against the rise of student fees for home and international students. I was already a part of the freeze the fees campaign this year with the lead officers and will continue fighting to stop the rise in tuition fees for home and international students. Education should eventually be free!!
  •  Demilitarise King’s: I will continue supporting the Demilitarisation King’s campaign within and beyond my capacity to make sure the college invests ethically
  • Health Groups: I will work towards enhancing and maintaining the relation between the Health Groups and KCLSU by being on the lead in dealing with issues pertaining to health groups and ensuring that health students are pivotal of the SU and decision making.