Candidate for the position of Vice President Postgraduate (full-time, paid)



For a Student Union that finally represents postgrads.

About me:

  • I have been a postgrad at KCL for 4.5 years, including my MA and PhD, so I know very well the challenges of being a postgrad at King’s.
  • As an international student and having been in charge of the Mexican Society for 3.5 years, I have invested much of my time to support and solve questions by Mexican and other international students. My guides have been read by students from more than 16 countries and I know well how KCLSU works.
  • This year, postgrads will finally have the chance to be represented in the Student Union, and it is our first chance to actually change those things that are not working.

Five Key Points of my Manifesto:

  1. Freeze the Postgraduate fees and increase funding
  2. Teaching opportunities and fair pay for GTAs
  3. Well-being and support for postgraduate students
  4. Appropriate work-spaces for Research students
  5. Rights for student parents and families

What these Five Points Mean:

1. Freeze the Postgraduate fees and increase funding

2. Teaching opportunities and fair pay for GTAs:

  • Continue the fair pay for GTAs campaign, increasing pay and hours for marking and preparation.
  • Ensure every department has teaching opportunities open to PhD students. Those with no undergrad degrees can mirror the School of Education, Communication and Society’s ‘Learning Together Program’, where PhD students run opt-in sessions for Master students.

3. Well-being and support for postgraduate students:

  • Lobby the Graduate School to create a counselling service and support groups exclusive for postgraduate students.
  • Increase contact time for full-time Master students.
  • Organise mentorship program for PGR-research students to discuss their relationship with their supervisor with a faculty member from outside their department.
  • Organise monthly “shut up and write” sessions for PG students and members of staff in every campus and a recommended DTC course for PG students on Practical tips to get through a research degree, including how to write and work effectively, avoid procrastination, and deal with impostor syndrome and anxiety.

4. Appropriate work-spaces for Research students:

  • Ensure every research student has access to a suitable workspace inside their department’s premises.
  • Increase the storage space on the campus desktop for research students and make off-the-grid computers available for students handling confidential participant data.  

5. Rights for student parents and families:

  • Lobby KCL to implement child-care services and/or create a dedicated child-friendly space in campus for student parents and faculty members with children.
  • Create a sensible parental leave policy without negative consequences for Tier 4 students.
  • Communicate current support services for student parents, including monthly meetups and the Specialist Student Parent Advisor.
  • Make KCLSU membership available to spouses and civil partners of students.
  • Create a position in student council for student parents and carers.
  • Make visa support available for those applying to categories different from Tier 4, such as spouse and Tier 2 dependant visas.