Candidate for the position of Vice President Activities & Development (full-time, paid)



Let's Fix King's!

           We’ve had a great time in our three years at King’s. However, there have also been parts of Uni that are intensely frustrating - inconsistent mental health support, late/poor feedback on assessments and getting lost in the mess of King’s admin, to name a few.  King’s ranks as one of the best Universities in the country, but student satisfaction is depressingly low. King’s is broken – its’ not delivering for its students.

So, we (Anna, Amy, Joe & Hannah) have decided to join forces and run for the student office under our collective campaign – Let’s Fix King’s.

            I’m Joe and I’m running for the position of Activities and Development. I believe student-led campaigns need more support and Societies should be allowed to collectively decide how they are run. It is vital to me that King’s is as Democratic and inclusive as possible and that students don’t just study but also enjoy their time at Uni. My job is to make KCL students’ lives stress free and fun.  


King’s Administration:

- We will aspire towards an administrative overhaul of the university. 

- Make room booking more accessible for societies, campaigns, and individuals.

Students should take priority, not outside events.


Mental Wellbeing:

  • Develop an attitude of acceptance of mental health issues.
  • Pressure the university to get behind student-led mental wellbeing initiatives such as the Think Mental society.
  • Include mental health awareness as part of President and Treasurer training (PAT) day.
  • Compulsory unconscious bias training for all first year students.


Fees & Funding:

  • More accessible for societies campaigns and individuals. The current system is unfair and requires individuals to have enough money in their account in the first place and claim expenses.


  • Regular meetings with heads of societies to see what does and doesn’t work for them not just implementing a policy for them to adhere to. 


  • Pressure King’s into providing resources for a paid sabbatical BME officer.


  • A broader degree of internships, not just the ones offered by major firms.


  • Pressure King’s to implement a cap on tuition fees. Currently, King’s can increase fees year-on-year as they wish – this is scheduled to start in September 2017.



  • Show solidarity for the whole of the King’s community by getting behind campaigns such as Justice for Cleaners. King’s should be an accountable and ethical employer.
  • Continue the work already done around consent workshops by pressuring the college into making these compulsory for freshers.
  • Oppose Prevent and hold the university to account for its invasion of student/staff privacy, and institutionalised racism and the targeting of faith groups.
  • Continue the Boycott of the National Student Survey.

Continue to pressure King’s to divest from arms and fossil fuels, particularly in light of the demilitaries King’s campaign.