Candidate for the position of Vice President Education (Health) (full time, paid)



Securing The Future For Students


Being a student automatically makes you a member of KCLSU. This gives you an incredible amout of power to make changes. 

Many students may not actively participate in being a member of the union, but it affects each and every one of you. Whether it is being a member of a sports team or society, sitting on a committee, socialising at Guy's bar or Waterfront, or simply being affected by decisions made by elected officers. I recgnise that every single person studying at KCL should get some sort of benefit from KCLSU and if I am elected Vice president for Eduction (Health), I will make this a priority and make sure your voice is heard, and you get what you want out of our union.

What I plan to do? 

First and foremost, I will listen. I will listen to everyone and anyone that feels I can make a change for them and their peers for the better. My plan for the next year is by no means limited to what I have written below. I hope to continue the fantastic work Jack and the previous VPEH's have initiated and believe that many campaigns and initiatives deserve to be continually pushed going into next year. These include: 

  • Mental health support. In the health schools (and the other faculties within the college) mental health support has been an issue raised time and time again. The peer support scheme set up by Jack is fantastic and I aim to continue to expand on by making mental health support already provided by the college more accessible and work with the Vice president for Education (Arts) to think about expanding the peeer support scheme into the non-health faculties.  
  • Denamark Hill. KCLSU should be accessible to all students, and currently any student based at Denmark hill has limited access to the services provided by the union. Increasing the presence of KCLSU at denmark hill will unite the campuses and make KCLSU inclsuive and accessible to all. 
  • Back the 'Freeze the fees' campaign. Studying at KCL should be an opiton for everyone and making fees more expensive will decrease admission, by making KCL not accessible to all. The increase in fees we have already seen should be reflected in the quality of teaching, communication and feedback, which in the health faculties seems to be an increasing issue. 

I also plan to put my weight as VPEH behind:

  • Increasing the influence that faculty committees, student forums, student council reps, and academic reps have in decision making. Allowing students feedback to actually be listened to and implemented. It seems to be the case that feedback given in these settings is not being respected and/or listened to, in the dental school this seems to be a pointiant issue. 
  • Improving the quality of feedback and communication recieved by students. Making sure any changes made to curriculums or exams are given with fair warning and implemented at and appropriate speed. Individual feedback for assesments should be available, and general feedback should not be the only option available to students. Especially within the health faculties where feedback regarding individual performance is essential for correct practice. 
  • The students bursaries provided by the NHS are essential for many to even consider studying these vocational subjects. Having part time jobs is not possible for most who work placement for much of their time. Because of this the intake for nursing in the 16/17 year decreased significantly. I believe that cutting thesebursaries was the wrong decsion, so I will support fully the bursary or bust campaign to aim to get these bursaries back for future students. 

As VPEH I hope to work closely with the GKT MSA to maximise the experience of medical student studying at GKT. I admire immensely the work done by previous VPEH's and the other officers, I hope to be part of the great work KCLSU does for its students next year. 

I hope I have earned your vote and if you have ANY question please email me:

Voting opens Monday 6th March at 10am and clsoes Thursday 9th March at 5pm. Make a difference and VOTE!