Candidate for the position of Vice President Education (Arts & Sciences) (full time, paid)



Let's Fix Kings

We’ve had a great time in our three years at King’s. However there have also been parts of Uni that are intensely frustrating - inconsistent mental health support, late/poor feedback on assessments and getting lost in the mess of King's admin, to name a few.  King's ranks as one of the best Universities in the country, but student satisfaction is depressingly low. King's is broken – its’ not delivering for its students.

So, we (Anna, Amy, Joe & Hannah) have decided to join forces and run for Student Council under our collective campaign – Let’s Fix King's.

I’m Amy and I’m running for VP Education (Arts and Sciences).  As a student with learning difficulties, I understand how difficult things like completing essays or navigating through King's bureaucracy can be, and I want to make it easier for us. My priorities are sorting out the admin & timetabling mess, reforming essay and exam regulations and lobbying KCL to diversify the curriculum.  Learning at King’s should be accessible and inclusive for everyone. 

King’s Administration:

  • Reform the regulations for essay deadlines and replace the 40% capping system with a staggered decrease in marks (following the model of other universities).
  • Improve the 4 week policy for essay results and ensure feedback is provided 7 days before the next deadline/exam for the same module.
  • Pressure the college into issuing blanket extensions to reflect all IT issues: i.e. if Keats crashes.
  • Encourage a more diverse curriculum.


Mental Wellbeing:

  • Improve the learning experience of students with a King's Inclusion Plan by creating more consistent and communicative support from staff to students. 
  • Restructure mental health services so that students can receive more than 6 hours of counseling per referral, and remove the need for lengthy repeat referral applications.
  • Oppose the ‘fit-to-sit policy so that essays can be submitted/exams sat whilst the student is waiting for the verdict of their mitigating circumstances.
  • Make testing for learning disabilities, such as dyslexia more accessible and widely available.


Fees & Funding:

  • Pressure King's to implement a cap on tuition fees. Currently King's can increase fees year-on-year as they wish – this is scheduled to start in September 2017.
  • Increase awareness  and accessibility of Disabled Student Allowance funding.
  • Pressure Kings to introduce a BME paid sabbatical position.



  • Show solidarity for the whole of the King's community by getting behind campaigns such as Justice for Cleaners. King's should be an accountable and ethical employer.
  • Oppose Prevent and hold the university to account for its invasion of student/staff privacy, and institutionalised racism and the targeting of faith groups .
  • Continue the Boycott of the National Student Survey.
  • Continuing work already done in consent workshops by pressuring the college into making these compulsory for freshers.
  • Continue to pressure King's to divest from arms and fossil fuels, particularly in light of the demilitarize King's campaign.