Candidate for the position of Vice President Activities & Development (full-time, paid)



Let's Talk it Out.

Hello! I’m a business management student in my final year at King’s and I’m contesting to be the Vice President of Activities and Development for the KCLSU. Through my time here, I firmly believe all issues of contention can be talked out or worked out and hence resolved. Relfected in the slogan: Let's Talk it Out,  the focus of my campaign is based on the pillars of effective communication and commitment to work. A fresh perspective on image-building and adding value to the degrees we graduate with is at the centre of my outlook. Relieving societies and clubs of their administrative burdens, more student centred events, increased scope of activities with more partners and venues are some key areas the VPAD mandate can be enriched in. But no positive change is truly complete unless each KCL member has access to it. Hence, my ideas for improvement are designed to reach out to all, be inclusive and efficient.

The KCLSU’s work has been a testament of the hard work put in to affect visible, on-ground change. I firmly believe in extending the positives to each King’s student, through more outreach initiatives and change that we all feel.


Student Wellbeing, Learning Environment

Outlook towards work guided by the policy of upholding the core principles of inclusion, cooperation and equal opportunity and access for all King’s Students

Support for past initiatives

  • Work towards maintaining and expanding KCLSU ‘Safe Spaces’ within all campuses, advocating for better and effective representation.
  • Support the ‘Prevent Prevent’ campaign and push for further deliberation on efficient measures to tackle growing insecurity and unsafety while maintaining individual privacy.
  • Work to further expand the scope of the ‘It Stops Here’ Campaign  
  • Improve the Global Lounge, increasing awareness and access to students and work to increase the frequency of such events of international students, fostering an environment of comfort.
  • Reviewing the External Speaker’s Policy
  • Enrich the ‘Demilitarise King’s’ Campaign by lobbying for more expert opinions and publicising them.


Fresh Initiatives

  • Increase the outreach of King’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Programs online, work to ensure and uphold high ethical standards within to promote anonymity, confidentiality and discretion. This will ensure assistance to those who most need it, with the solid promise of privacy and comfort.
  • FOR SOCIETIES: Initiate a KCLSU ‘We Represent’ or #represent campaign, which will entail involving KCLSU members to lobby and negotiate on behalf of societies for event permissions, guest speakers and sponsorships. I plan to revitalise the administrative role of the body, to make societies free of the administrative burden. This will allow more structured roles within the KCLSU and ensure societies across King’s can focus on what they love and do, and only that.
  • Work towards highlighting the important roles played by cleaners, staff and administrative employees of the College, increase awareness and thereby approachability, working to create a stronger ‘Campus feeling’


Sports, Arts and Culture & CommunitySuggested Initiatives

  • Lobby for regular funding increase to sports clubs and societies, work better with teams and societies to approach alternative methods of obtaining funding besides standard King’s Stipends. These include special bursaries for events and external sponsorships using the KCLSU network.
  • Invite and connect with more event companies and entertainment partners to increase the venues and timings of ‘KCL student nights’, moving beyond the existing twice a week offers. This will mean better quality, well organised student events and leisure nights at more venues across London, at no additional costs to the student.
  • Promoting talent within KCL: Making use of the KCLSU network and our strong alumni base, I plan to provide a platform for all budding writers, musicians, artists and performers to project their individual creativity through more showcase events and through connecting them with established professionals in the field. This will mean the KCLSU playing an active role in using its base in making sure talent is rewarded in the real world.
  • More Student Oriented Events: Work towards organising more interactive, participation and showcase oriented events for students. This will involve expanding beyond lectures and seminars to more King’s events that focus on having students interact and participate, while increasing the branding. This can involve a greater focus on University level competitions organised within King’s, conferences, debates and cultural fests that work in bringing King’s Campuses closer.
  • Following from the last point, work for more Sports events organised by the University, to provide a platform within for sportspersons in KCL. This needs to be in tandem with increased funding and access to more, better quality facilities.
  • KCL #Represent: As mentioned earlier, launch a full-fledged initiative to relieve societies of additional administrative responsibilities. This will cover reducing the booking time for rooms, aforementioned negotiations done on behalf of societies and also allow the KCLSU, societies and students to work closely, share more information and focus on the necessary.