Candidate for the position of Vice President Education (Arts & Sciences) (full time, paid)



Andy #1 for a free, liberated education system


KCL should be run democratically by its students and staff, in the interests of learning and improving lives, not as a business. We need a union that stands up to management and the government - if you elect me, that’s the kind of union I’ll build.


Defend education - fight fee increases 

            - Fight reforms designed to raise tuition fees and turn education into a business. I'm leading the campaign to boycott the National Student Survey at KCL - I want to build on this

            - Develop a network of course reps that campaigns for real changes


Fix the IT: a uni for students not profit

            - End IT failures that disrupt learning and lose student’s visa info. Over 260 managers at KCL earn £100k a year – spend money on the systems students need, not fat management payouts


Cut the rent and costs of learning

            - Organise a student campaign for affordable rent. UCL students won a rent cut with a rent strike – why can’t we?

            - fight hidden course costs and advertise KCL bursaries more


Stand up for international students

            - Defend international students – freedom of movement for all. Fight visa restrictions, international student caps, and the racism that the Tories are whipping up

Solidarity with workers on campus

            - Work with unions to ensure everyone – from cleaners and security to lecturers and postgrad teachers – is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.


Action on climate change

            - Full divestment from all fossil fuel companies. KCL must assist the fight against climate change with all the means at our disposal


Free childcare on campus

             – long overdue and essential for many mature and working class students


For a radical student union, also vote Momin for President, Joe for Postgrad and Nicolas and Ruby for NUS Delegates!